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With the current power level of gear, you can actually get by with what you find for quite some time. So, with that in mind this gearing guide will start around level 50, which is where you can start equipping some of the higher end gear. Note: When I refer to a series, you should look up the exact name of the weapon type you want. For weapons, the simple explanation would be to just buy a Nox NT weapon from other players via the visiphone.

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This is a 12 star weapon that for most classes is pretty serviceable until you can get better. You can either get a good 13 star weapon from Collection Files, or you could buy a Val weapon.

Collection Files will have you run Emergency Quests and sometimes other quests to fulfill the conditions for you obtaining the weapon.

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Buying a Val weapon will just cost you meseta and involves you buying it from another player. Val can be turned into an Atra weapon, a 14 star, which is one of the best weapons you can get currently.

It also allows for the new affix type, Super special abilities, to be affixed to it. The main benefit is having Special Ability Factors you can possibly use on other weapons in the future.

Units are a little more diversified compared to weapons. The first set you want to get is either the Kaiser set or the Saiha set. The next step up is a pretty large step up. Here, you either want to get a Ray unit set from the badge shop or an Evleda unit set from drops.

Gearing Up

Rays are a pretty decent entry 12 star set that allows you access to extra rings. Evleda, however, are midtier 12 star units that have a possibility of being upgradeable in the future.

Evleda can be farmed by doing quests within Omega. Ideally you want to have an idea of what stats you want for your character and then going for certain 12 star units to get to those stat thresholds you wish to meet. I recommend looking up the stat values of each 12 star unit to check and see what gives what.

Grinding is the most basic way to enhance your weapons and units. Grinders are a fairly common drop from enemies and boxes, you may also get them as rewards from quests and client orders.

If all else fails, you can also buy them from other players via the visiphone. Once you have your stuff, you head over to the item lab. There, you talk with Monica or Dudu to start this off.

The rest is fairly self explanitory. From there, it either fails or succeeds. The drop is dependant on the grind risk. The higher you get the grind value, the lower the success rate is, and the higher the penality failing carries. Most come in the form of support items you can use just before you confirm your choice to grind the item.

Obtaining these items are fairly simple.Welp, after putting this off forever because affixing is complicated, I decided to at least make a guide lines section to at least help people get started…. This is more of a list of tips to help you get started. If you want something more comprehensive, I suggest you look up the affixing guide done by Selphea. Affix : An ability you can give a weapon or unit. These add stats on top of an existing item.

You can affix up to 8 slots on an item. The items you use on your base weapon have to have the same or higher number of affixes. Each success rate of each affix is calculated individually, so if you fail one roll there is still a chance the other affixes will work. The affixes you can choose depends on the current list of affixes on your base and fodder combined. Fodder : What you consume to put affixes onto your base. You can use up to 5 fodders.

Upslot : Increasing the number of affixes on a base. The number of affixes you can put on an item is at most, plus one of its current number of slots.

Upslotting decreases the overall success rate of affixing. The percent decrease penalty increases with the number of slots. Using 2 or more fodder decreases the penalty the penalty reduction is the same if you use more than 2. This is kind of like a no duh. Always plan your affixing to get the most out of your meseta. I also like starting with how many slots I want then seeing what I can put on there to get the stats I want. Your biggest cost is going to come from the item and special affixes, since the special affixes are harder to find and affix.

In general, you can get around ish attack using slots with little cost or risk. Expect to pay a lot higher for anything past that. There are some restrictions you should be aware of though, where an item can only have one of from a given group.

pso2 mana reverie

The groups are:. Also, marks like Mark Joyo are not transferable unless you use a cash support item. Marks also only appear on weapons, not units.Active Gold Value.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Shurelya's Reverie is a finished item in League of Legends. Shurelya's Reverie. Forbidden Idol.

Shurelya's Reverie

Faerie Charm. Crystalline Bracer. Ruby Crystal. Rejuvenation Bead. Shurelya's Reverie becomes Every additional champion affected increases the gold efficiency by the same amount ofup to Ardent Censer. Mikael's Crucible. Health increased to from Ability power reduced to 0 from Cooldown reduction is no longer Unique.

Active range increased to from Active cooldown increased to 90 seconds from Unique Active unchanged. Only available on Summoner's Rift and Howling Abyss. Replaced by Talisman of Ascension V3. Health reduced to from Health regeneration reduced to 10 from To add an ability to an item, you must have another item of the same type with the same number of slots or more. All materials used when adding special abilities will be permanently gone regardless if it failed or succeed. By combining two or more lower ranked abilities, you can make a higher ranked one.

The only exception to the rule above is Ability.

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See "Fusion Success Rate" table below for more information. Status Effect abilities can only be added to weapons, and Resistance abilities can only be added to units. You cannot add two abilities with the same name as one will overwrite the other.

PSO2 - Super Unit Affix (4s) [+15% Affix Boost Week]

When using "Ability Success Rate" items to boost the success rate, the value is added after the "Slot Penalty" is applied. When using "Soul Bonus" to boost the success rate, the value is added before the "Slot Penalty" is applied. Ability can also be transferred when multiple copies of it are present in the fodders.

But due to how rare it appears on dropped fodders, it is usually better to synthesize it. It can also drop from Rare Enemies like Tagamikazuchi. A rare Ability that drops from certain Emergency Quests and titled bosses. Collect File reward weapons also often have it affixed. As it occupies the same slot as Modulator with a lower stat boost and lower transfer rates, Vinculum is generally not used in high-level affixes.

Due to its rarity and relatively large stat boost, Modulator is a highly valued affix and can sold for a decent amount of Meseta in Player Shops. Soul-type abilities whose names are suffixed with "the Soul" are special "combo" Souls that can be synthesized by using certain Souls combined with any normal field Soul those that aren't dropped by special enemies or Emergency Quest bosses. Catalysts are unique Abilities that can be synthesized by combining certain Abilities together.

By synthesizing four Catalysts and combining them with a fifth Ability, the five components can be used to synthesize an extremely powerful Ability. In addition to this, ARKS Max can be transferred; but due to how it is made it is recommended to just synthesize the ability.

Seasonal Abilities are Abilities that are only available for a period of time on certain times of the year. Fevers drop from Seasonal Rappies and Nyaus, making them common or rare depending on the season. Receptors are rare Abilities that can be found on certain pieces of equipment.

Receptors cannot be synthesized or transferred, but when used as a component in Affixing, it greatly enhances the transfer rate of other types of Abilities. Soul Receptor is an Ability that can be used to boost the transfer rate of Soul-type Abilities. Soul Receptor can be found on equipment dropped by any boss-level monster in Phantasy Star Online 2es. When transferred this way, Souls do not require multiple copies to enable transfer. When transferred this way, Flict and Arma abilities do not require multiple copies to enable transfer.

Phrase Receptor is an Ability that can be used to transfer Phrase Abilities. Phrase Receptor can be found on weapons sold in the Battle Coin Exchange. Sentence Receptor is an Ability that can be used to transfer Sentence Abilities. Factor Receptor is an Ability that can be used to boost the transfer rate of Factor Abilities. When transferred this way, Factors do not require multiple copies to enable transfer. Certain Abilities occupy the same Ability Slot and thus cannot stack, attempting to stack these Abilities will just overwrite the previously placed older Ability.Well done!

Now you can just breeze through the rest of Empyrea! Wait, no… The next dungeon is full of cheaters. Just trying to be complete! I will try to not reveal any spoilers. After all the dialog, you find yourself into a Marleybone-themed area, but with Dragonspyre-lava running down the buildings.

There is also a giant Myth-eye to admire. The first battle inside the instance is very straight-forward.

Then you get to defeat some Khrysalis spiders to get a key! The spiders are all Shadow creatures, with 3, health. The spells I saw them use were all shadow spells. They know how to cast a mass shadow trap, a shadow blade, a shadow version of Lord of Knight it behaves and looks the exact same as the Death version and they have a personal attack.

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Once you defeat them, be careful where you walk, as the lava stream might get you pulled into battle or am I the only clumsy wizard around? Pass through the Krokotopia-looking door and you find yourself in a Dragonspyre-themed room.

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We faced him once in Avalon, then again in Mirage, third time is the charm! With him come two minions, Dream Shadowocks, with 1, health each.

And I only repeated it three times to write this guide. I wanted to quest further, not be stuck there for a week cheat-testing it over and over! So do tell me the cheats I missed in the comments! He turns the Feint around so the high percentage is on you.

So not much use trapping him, with this and the previous cheat combined. One more cheat: if you fizzle, he will give himself 2 powerpips, through a donate pip shadow spell. All in all, you should just blade your hitter and kill them all at once.

Next you will find you in a Krokotopia-themed area with many random items. I love puzzles. The point of the puzzle is to interact with each of the items one at a time in the order of which you quested through them. Please turn your sound on when you interact with these items! I especially liked Wizard City and Polaris.

Another familiar face. Please read this! I know people on the internet kind of just skim text, but if you read one sentence, let it be that one. You will have to kill them all at once, because he resummons them every round if any of them are left alive.

Their school is random, so you might end up facing any combination of schools. The spell ends up hitting him for damage.Genre : ActionSci-Fi. Girly Air Force anime ini adalah satu dari dua anime bertema pesawat terbang di musim dingin Kisah anime ini sendiri akan berpusat pada Narutani Kei seorang pemuda.

Dan juga seorang pengungsi dari serangan Zei yang ada di Asia Tengah dan Timur. Ketika dirinya dan para pengungsi lain berada di laut saat menuju ke Jepang, rombongan mereka di serang oleh para Zei.

Ketika mereka semua hampir kalah dan matisecara tiba-tiba ada pesawat penolong yang berhasil mengalah kan Zei. Tapi pesawat itu secara tiba-tiba melakukan pendaratan darurat di dalam air. Kei berusaha menolong pilot yang ada di dalam pesawat tersebut dan mengetahui kalau pilot itu adalah seorang wanita dan salah satu dari pesawat temput khusus Doughter. Petualangan kei sebagai seorang pilot yang membatu tim Doughter untuk mengalah kan Zai pun di mulai! Ya setelah jepang memoefikasi beberapa alutsista perang seperti kapal tempur, kapal selam, tank, robot sekarang Jepang melakukan moefikasi lagi kepada pesawat tempur hahaha Fix 30 Jul Terimakasih sudah mampir ke kusonime.

List of Special Abilities

Vinland Saga Selama ribuan tahun, Vikings berhasil membumbungkan nama dan reputasi mereka sebagai keluarga terkuat dalam nafsu kekerasan.

Berlatar belakang di abad kesepuluh, Thorfinn putra…. Gim ini mampu mensimulasikan lima pancaindera dengan sempurna, ditambah dengan…. Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga pasti udah banyak yang tau tentang kisah Oda nobunaga kan? Itu loh salah satu penguasa Jepang di masa dulu yang punya ambisi….

Hello World Halo dunia adalah nama jenis program komputer yang diambil pertama kalinya pada kursus pemrograman. Kuutei Dragons sebetulnya anime ini kayak Whaling gitu, taukan pemburuan paus di samudra-samudra mulai hits dari tahun Ya tapi yang bedanya itu di anime…. Kusonime Download Anime Subtitle Indonesia. BD Batch Subtitle Indonesia. ADS x Posted By Admin on 30 July, Views.

Released on : Jan 10, Kuutei Dragons Batch Subtitle Indonesia Kuutei Dragons sebetulnya anime ini kayak Whaling gitu, taukan pemburuan paus di samudra-samudra mulai hits dari tahun Tampilkan Komentar. Senpai Please Notice Me!!GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. The Affixing Assistant was designed to find the best affixing formulas to any affix you might need. How it works:. The Affixing Assistant lets you even optimally produce the fodders you'll need.

The Affixing Assistant lets you produce the same fodders over and over again. Warning: this will discard any previous formulas to produce the fodder How it works:. The Affixing Assistant knows all useful ways of making all available abilities. Probably not necessary, but if it is, then post an issue here so I can address it.

The Affixing Assistant has bright and dark default themes depending on your preference. The Affixing Assistant lets you center the goal on screen at any point in case you want to quickly find it. Currently only accepting Pull Requests for Database Update. PSO2AffixingAssistant since - by malulleybovo.

pso2 mana reverie

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pso2 mana reverie

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